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controlling the caster

Wednesday May 19th, 2004, par John Cornelisse

Today more or less finished the program to control the caster & the keyboard-papertower.

It’s plain simple, behind the caster I do not need or want to do much with a computer.

This little program has a few functions however:

1) it counts the lines in the file.

2) the operator can skipp lines at the beginning at the file.

3) if desired, the caster starts with a few 18 unit low-spaces. This is to heat the mould before the actual composed text starts.

In this way, the lines will be cast at the same length.

4) the operator can sent the code also to the paper-tower of a keyboard.

This constitues a few additions:

The keyboard is essential a balance-mechanism. One piston is at all times activated, but when 2 or more pistons get air, at the other side of the bascule, they will "win", and the mechanism will be activated.

When the air is stopped, the needles will be lowered automaticaly.

Monotype-code has a shifting number of valves activated, the code can contain 0, 1, 2, up to 6 holes. Or bits in computer-terms.

To operate the keyboard, The program counts the number of bits ’set’. When the count is smaller than 2, the 32th bit is set.

Behind the valve, the air is split two way. To activate the ’O’-needle and the ’15’-needle.

In this way the mechanism will trip the line.


At this moment, the produced tape has to be rewind, before it can be used on the caster.

Something I might change in future versions of this little program.



Wednesday November 22nd, 2017
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