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13-01-2004: Making a new box for the interface Diary

Tuesday January 13th, 2004, par John Cornelisse

The nearest big town here is in Belgium. 7 Months ago a new tunnel was opened to go to the rets of Zeeland, it’s only for cars. So I never go there.

In Gent I have most of my friends there. And this is a real city. In Holland most towns are "dutch", no town at all.

I went there yesterday, to fold two new plates for the casing of the interface. The present does not fit properly. The connectors only just can be attached to it.

A rainy drive of 40 km did bring me to Artley’s workshop. All etching presses there, and litho-stone presses. Too expensive for me, but nice stuff, he builts them new, and repairs all brands offered to him.

We needed only one try, one little plate had to discarded after folding, the next examples were within the desired tollerance of .5 mm for the box.

The print was designed to be used in an existing box, later we discovered, the dimensions of the box were not quite what the manufacturer had promissed... Now we have to fiddle a little bit ourselves.

After an hour and a half I could ride home, Still I need to make some holes in it. There was no puncher in his workshop to do that.


I’m gonna finish it now.



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