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Janusz Tryzno

Friday May 14th, 2004, par Andréas Schweizer

Dear Andreas Schweizer,

thank you very much for the invitation to First European MONOTYPE UNIVERSITY. It is unexpected, pleasure occasion to meet funs of MONOTYPE. From 1980 we started to make artist’s books and to collect the gutenberg’s equipment for making book art but we have not diplomas of technique. Several years ago we received old equipment from Type Foundery in Warsaw - beetwen others we had got : 2 machines MONOTYPE SUPRA ( 1 is non complete) and 1 original MONOTYPE (without keyboard). Up to now we have not possibilities to work on this machines. We have many matrices (original and made by Type Foundery in Warsaw) but they are need study and catalogue. We have to learn this technique and now we have the occasion to see something really interesting. From this reason we are going to trip to Geneva.

Our visitor’s group: Janusz Tryzno - founder of Book Art Museum in Lodz (artist and collector - www.book.art.pl ) Pawel Tryzno jr - book-maker and informatic - www.book.art.pl Martin Kramyk - artist and informatic (diplomas work about avant-garde typography) Jaroslaw Borowiec - student -informatic and interesting in old machines.

CV and pictures each of them we will send soon. A pity we have not many contacts in eastern Europe but perhaps prof. Eduard T. Lazarenko will help you more (he wrote to magazine: DRUKARSTVO, see to webside www.drukarstvo.com )

-  Janusz Tryzno
-  Book Art Museum
-  Tymienieckiego 24
-  91-315 LODZ
-  Poland
-  Tel +48 501 274 406
-  bookart@book.art.pl
-  Book Art Museum



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