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12-01-2004: the day after

Monday January 12th, 2004, par John Cornelisse

The first time on my own in this program. Andreas is a very nice guy, though when a computer is in front of him, you must be very persistent otherwise you can’t even type on your own console. This console is QWERTY, so the Y is on onother place... This calls for mistyping.

I cannot find a way yet, to edit the diary entrance of yesterday. I’ll sure learn to do that. Some time.


Yesterday a house full with people. I did sent a lot of invitations, but I’m glad they did not all come. The most important, they are all there.

Jan Keyser the Chairman of the Dutch Marginal printers Society, he has financed all the parts we did need for making thge prototype.

It’s a pity, I cannot yet demonstrate it on the caster, and on the keyboard-papertower I’ve prepared so long ago.

Jan is a keyboarder, he spents a lot of time keyboarding, and his questions are more concerned about that machine. He would like to caster to be linked to the computer.

But with only a some changements on the computer-routines, the puncher will work. Seeing it punch is the only real argument I know.


This week, I’ll go to Artley in Gent. Mister Leybaert has a complete metal workshop, for making etching presses, and litho-presses. The metal box for the prototype, it only just possible to connect the cables for the valves. Practical problems to be solved, but a loose connector will fail during casting. Solving those problems takes a lot of time.


After the two hectic days before, I have to cope with an empty house.


The last days I have some problems with my operating system, I hope I’m still allowed to sent this text. The firewall is off now, though this has prooved not to solve all problems with connections.



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