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Physical Changes to the Caster

Tuesday February 17th, 2004, par Rich Hopkins

The paper tower must be removed and two holes must be drilled and tapped in the housing which covers the main cams, so that a sensor can be located thereon to detect the up-down motion of the Air Tower Cam Lever. This sensor "steps" the computer interface, telling it when the caster is ready for code for the next character to be cast. Monroe has built his entire air-valve interface on a cut-off paper tower and thus, it screws into place just as an ordinary paper tower would be placed on the machine. Thus, if I wished, I could return my machine back to its original configuration by simply removing the two screws holding the sensor, and replacing his "tower" with the machine’s original tower. Such a changeover should take less than an hour.

The air-valve interface is connected via three computer cables utilizing two standard computer parallel connectors and one serial connector. These cables go to the custom-built microprocessor which Monroe devised to go between the computer and the caster. This microprocessor is connected to the computer via a standard serial connection. I am seriously ignorant on this issue, but I understand that the intermediate microprocessor might not be necessary today, but Monroe was working with the most rudiamentary of Macintosh computers when he built the system. I think it has something to do with two-way communication between the computer and the casting machine.



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