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12-02-2004: Mac or PC ?

Thursday February 12th, 2004, par John Cornelisse

I’ve been surprised yesterday evening. To place all variables ’common’. It proofed no solution at all.

The block with common variables did exceed the maximum of 64Kb. Surprise, surprise, the hole MS-dos system, and Windows in all flavours too, the still depend on the old architecture of a 8088-processor...

I was able to run my compiler, but the whole system was locked, MS-dos could not cope with anymore?

It’s possible to access more memory-space, but this is not easy, generates pointers to pointers, costs a lot of speed, and Windows does not like pointers at all. And all documentation about it is very cryptic. Not something I like to start with. I have a computer with 250 Megabyte memory, but most of this needed for our fine operating system.

In the end I will change to an Apple or Mac I guess. I have seen enough of Microsoft already. Why can’t the world not do without it. Now I can really understand why so many graphical-programs run on Macintosh systems.

The coming days will be spent to delete as much as possible in my monotype-compiler, without deleting the function of it.

I’m nearly there, streamlining, that was planned, but only when I was more or less finished. Not to please a lazy Billy Gates.



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